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Home Staging

Home Staging or Home Modeling is identified as a service:

The act of preparing your home for sale with special emphasis on appearance and presentation. The purpose is to “stage” the home in an aesthetically pleasing manner in order to attract a home buyer more quickly and for the highest possible price, resulting in a faster sale.

What’s the difference between Home Staging and Home Modeling?

Rather than simply pulling a few furniture pieces from a warehouse like in home staging, home modeling means completing each modeled room with furniture, accessories, lighting, rugs, draperies, artwork and quality artificial plants/greenery, all customized for the specific home/room. This means the right color, style and size pieces rather than what’s available in the warehouse or some realtors closet. Think of the final result as a professionally designed, magazine-worthy room.

There are many benefits to Home Modeling.

  • Faster sales time
  • Higher sales price
  • Broader appeal
  • Better appraisal values
  • Stellar photos for online listings
  • 96% of buyers’ agents say that modeling a home has a positive effect on the buyer
  • 81% of buyers find it easier to visualize the property as their future home when it’s modeled
  • 28% of buyers are more willing to overlook property faults when the home is modeled

I have partnered with award-winning Interior Design firm Talie Jane Interiors to model my homes. Talie Jane is Tahoe’s #1 expert at home modeling. In fact, she teaches home modeling courses for real estate companies and works with many of Tahoe’s top realtors. The only difference is other realtors make you pay for it. Why not allow me to… since Talie Jane is my Wife!   

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